FAQs about prices and payment
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Paying for Consultations and Treatment

FAQs about Prices and Payment

Which insurers do you recognise?

Cotswold Cardiology and Dr Hyde are recognised by all the health insurers including Bupa, Axa, Aviva, Cigna, Vitality health, WPA and Healthonline. If your insurer is not on the list, we are still happy to submit a bill on your behalf providing you have authorisation.

I am privately insured will my insurer pay for everything?

Every person’s policy is different and it is very important to check that you are authorised for treatment and tests before you come and see Dr Hyde. You are liable for the full cost of treatment from Cotswold Cardiology and the hospital if your insurer will not cover your costs
Some people have a cost share or excess agreement if you do please let us know, your insurer will be able to tell you how much this is, you will be informed when you need to pay Dr Hyde if you have an excess. You will be expected to pay this promptly. If you have a tests only policy which excludes consultations please let us know where you would like us to send your invoice. We prefer email so please ensure to provide your address. If you need a receipt we will need an email or SAE to send it.

If you have no symptoms and are looking for reassurance you may be covered by your insurance if you have a GP referral. If you need to self fund because you are unable to get insurance approval, and we find a significant abnormality any costs for further follow up, tests or procedures will usually be covered.

I am self funding and I want to know how much it will all cost?

Before you come and see us please ask if you would like an estimate for the overall cost of care. FIPO

Please note we can give you a more detailed breakdown of costs after your initial consultation when it will be possible to establish which tests/procedures are required for your personal circumstances. There are charges from Cotswold Cardiology for consultations and the conducting and interpreting of tests plus any procedures you may need. The hospital (The Great Western) will bill you separately for use of equipment and rooms, please contact them direct to find out their charges. If you are going to need procedures (e.g. Angiogram or Angioplasty) we are happy to negotiate where and if possible a fixed fee in conjunction with the hospital so you know the total amount upfront. There is no VAT or any other taxes incurred on medical bills.

How do I pay you?

We normally expect payment on the day of consultation and/or diagnostic test. We accept Visa/Mastercards and cheques. Please note we no longer accept cheques by the post for security reasons. If you need to pay an excess we will notify you and you can pay by bank transfer or we can contact you for card payment over the telephone if you prefer.

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